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HSLDA Benefits

Uplift Supports HSLDA and we have a group membership - we do not require our members to be a member of HSLDA but there is a huge benefit to becoming on!  See below all the help you get when you join.

If you go to sign up on up on their website our Group discount code is 

  • 301592

HSLDA Member Benefits Include - Visit their website for more information

  • Legal protection for their homeschool: everything from legal advice, to correspondence with state officials on their behalf, to attorney access 24/7 for homeschool-related emergencies, to full courtroom representation if necessary. And, there are no further charges beyond the annual membership dues of $130/year ($115/year for discount group members), which is less than the typical cost of an hour of an external attorney’s time!
  • Access to our educational and special needs consultants, for all grade levels.
  • Discounts on a multitude of services and products (Note: With our membership card, which is a teacher ID, many homeschooling parents have been able to get teacher discounts at a variety of stores, including book stores, clothing stores, and computer software companies.)
  • Subscription to our homeschool quarterly magazine (The Court Report) and our email alerts, which will keep you up to speed on important legal cases, changes in legislation, and key political, legal, and social updates in the homeschool world.
  • Plus, your membership helps homeschoolers all across the nation, as we lobby to protect homeschool freedom in state and federal legislation.

Uplift Central Oregon has a group membership with HSLDA - the benefits of that for you as an Uplift member are:

  • $15 savings off HSLDA annual membership for all group members
  • The opportunity to earn rewards through our “Update Rewards” program (which will enable you to earn a free membership by simply updating your online information and roster 1 time during the year).
  • The opportunity to qualify your group for an HSLDA Compassion group grant
  • Access to the “Meetings in Minutes” downloads and other exclusive leadership resources
  • Qualifies your group for discounted rates in group insurance policies